Category: Projects

  • Poetry


    Every so often the urge to produce poetry strikes Daphne⭐. Like all of Daphne’s work, it tends to skew trans, and it tends to end up here on this website. You can find her poems published under the Poetry tag.

  • Evertrue Chronicle

    Evertrue Chronicle

    A determined mercenary wanders the realm, looking for the princess he had sworn to protect: a child of House Evertrue, the royal house that fell into decline seven years ago. After years of fruitless searching, his journey leads him to Memoria, a small village on the edge of the kingdom. Memoria is home to the…

  • Genderpunk 2077

    Genderpunk 2077

    Welcome to Sidereal City, where your gender determines your path in life. Which of the twelve genders might you be sorted into—perhaps you’d be a hard-nosed Leo, or a mercurial Libra? Or would you slip through cracks in the system and end up ungendered, lacking the licenses necessary to participate in everyday life? Follow the…

  • Family of Me

    Family of Me

    Family of Me is a serial fiction about a middle aged trans woman reconciling with her past through a series of conversations with her inner children. By confronting what she did and who she used to be, she hopes to build peace and purpose for herself. It’s an ongoing, autobiographical account of Daphne⭐’s life and…

  • WitchNet


    A year ago, magic – real magic, not just stage tricks – found its way into our world. It didn’t take long for networks of witches to spring up across the Internet, eager to share tips and help each other grow. Before long magic was nearly everywhere, just another unremarkable background feature of life. Andrew…