The Evertrue Chronicle: Demo Edition title card

Evertrue Chronicle

A determined mercenary wanders the realm, looking for the princess he had sworn to protect: a child of House Evertrue, the royal house that fell into decline seven years ago. After years of fruitless searching, his journey leads him to Memoria, a small village on the edge of the kingdom. Memoria is home to the Cave of Visions, a dangerous place where Seekers battle demons from their past in a desperate bid to recover parts of themselves that they’ve lost. With nowhere left to turn, the mercenary becomes a Seeker and asks around town for any news of the missing princess. Except nobody can remember the princess, or even believes she existed at all…

Evertrue Chronicle is a JRPG currently in development. Updates are released as development logs every week or two as the game is being written. A large, playable demo called Evertrue Chronicle: Demo Edition is available on