WitchNet title card


A year ago, magic – real magic, not just stage tricks – found its way into our world. It didn’t take long for networks of witches to spring up across the Internet, eager to share tips and help each other grow. Before long magic was nearly everywhere, just another unremarkable background feature of life. Andrew didn’t find it unremarkable though – he had been enamored with magic since the moment he learned of it and was determined to command that power himself. There was just one thing holding him back: only women could become witches. No man known had ever cast so much as a single spell.

But Andrew isn’t about to let a little thing like observable reality hinder his dreams. Every night Andrew logs on to WitchNet, the largest social network for witches, then does his best to learn whatever he can. To hide his masculinity he pretends to be Skye, an aspiring witch who’s trying to cast her first spell but just can’t figure it out. Andrew is determined to be the first man to use magic, but the closer he gets, the more he finds himself pretending to be Skye. Can Andrew find his own path to witchcraft, or will his dream turn him into someone entirely new?

WitchNet is Daphne⭐’s debut novella, written in a flurry of creativity after reading the ZandraVandra classic Cat Wishes and released in September of 2022. You can find WitchNet for free on itch.io.