WitchNet: Available Now!

Hello, Starlings! The day I’ve been working towards for months has finally arrived: WitchNet has been released to the public! It’s available exclusively on itch.io, and there are two editions: a free edition and a paid edition. The two editions are the same story! The paid edition only exists in case a reader feels a burning desire to give me money, which is not at all necessary. See the product page for more details if you’re curious about why I’ve released this novella in two editions.

Regardless, please enjoy my story! Writing it has been quite a journey and has exposed me to several new skills I developed in order to realize this dream, and I’m excited to take those skills into whatever I decide to create next. If you’ve decided to read my work and have some thoughts, I’m excited to hear what you think! Please send your comments to “feedback (at) daphnestar (dot) com”; I’d love to hear from you.