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Memoria Demo Released!

Hello Starlings! In addition to writing, I’ve been a hobbyist game developer on and off for ages. Now that I’ve poured my free time into a particular project for a couple of months, I’m excited to announce it publicly! It’s a JRPG about unearthing your past and changing, made in RPG Maker MV with stock graphics and audio, but with original writing by yours truly and a enough tweaks to character growth and combat to make them feel unique.

The bad news is that you can’t play the entire game right now, because it’s not finished. The good news is that you can play the demo, which I’m releasing publicly alongside this post! Gameplay for the entire demo is around 1-3 hours, and while I’ve squashed a lot of the major bugs, I’m still tweaking thing around the edges and would love your feedback. It’s available for Windows, OSX, and Linux, and you can find it on right here: