The Elephant In The Room

Hello Starlings! I haven’t updated in a while, have I? Last December I posted about the first draft of a new short story, and there hasn’t been much content here since, save a Trans Day of Visibility poem. Most of my creative energy has been going to my serial fiction Family of Me, which you can find at its website. That doesn’t leave me much time for personal updates, though I’ve been trying to find time some way to work on that project and the short story simultaneously.

That leaves an open question though — what about personal updates or other writing? I’ll still keep this website up for the time being, but the answer to that question is the elephant in the room: Mastodon! I’m reasonably active on Mastodon, and that’s the best way to keep track of me on a daily basis. Feel free to send me a follow request, especially if you’re trans or a queer writer or artist. I love seeing new trans and queer content! In the meantime this website could use an overhaul, which I hope to give it around the time my short story is ready, whenever that might be. Until then, keep reading!

— Daphne⭐