New Aquarius: Short Story In Progress

Hello Starlings! Remember that sci-fi short story I mentioned I was working on? The first draft is now finished, which means the project actually feels real and I can write about it! I’m hoping to wrap it up by the end of the year, but who knows how realistic that is. As with WitchNet, I plan to make it available on my page when I’m finished. For now, please enjoy the story description:

Building a new settlement on a distant planet is tough. It’s hard work, requiring strength and endurance in excess of what most people possess nowadays in the year 12163. Fortunately, Astella corporation has a solution: Body transfer. Using state of the art medical technology, your consciousness can be transferred to another body, one specifically designed for the rigors of construction, and when the job is done your original body will be waiting for you. What could go wrong?

Watch this space for future updates!

 – Daphne⭐